Working Group on Labor & Migration

The Working Group on Labor, Immigration, and Changing Conceptions of Work explores the relations between the changing economy, changing meanings of work, and the changing labor force by addressing a central animating question: how does WHO does the work affect conceptions of work itself? The working group examines this topic by focusing on a particular type of work – “immigrant” work – and on a particular group of laborers: immigrant workers. The working group explores immigrant work and workers across a broad range of historical periods and localities as well as from multiple disciplinary perspectives and methodologies. Most generally, the working group addresses the theme of the humanities and the changing conceptions of work by highlighting the roles work and the workplace play in the quest for human dignity. Most recently, the working group convened a workshop on the theme of immigrant work, held at UC Santa Cruz on October 13, 2012. The working group is in the process of developing an interactive online space to facilitate on-going communication, as well as to serve as an online, publicly available repository for teaching, research, and educational materials concerning immigrant work.

Working Group Paticipants
Eva Bertram (Politics, UC Santa Cruz)
David Brundage (History, UC Santa Cruz)
Catherine Ceniza Choy (Ethnic Studies, Asian-American and Asian Diasporic Studies, UC Berkeley)
Dana Frank (History, UC Santa Cruz)
Evelyn Nakano Glenn (Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley)
Shannon Gleeson (Latin American and Latino/a Studies, UC Santa Cruz)
Gilbert Gonzalez (Latin American Studies, Ethnic/Chicano Historical Studies, UC Irvine)
L.S. Kim (Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz)
Steve McKay (Sociology, UC Santa Cruz)
Mario Sifuentez (History, UC Merced)
Pat Zavella (Latin American and Latino Studies, UC Santa Cruz)

Graduate Research Assistant
Megan McNamara Abed (Doctoral Candidate in Sociology, UC Santa Cruz)

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